Welcome to Restaurant Bar Palmeiras!

The restaurant is inserted in the Turiscampo Camping Bungalow Park. Open all year, it is located 5km from Lagos, “the Algarve crown jewel” and 20km from Cape St. Vincent, the westernmost point of Europe, the starting point of the caravels of the great Portuguese navigators. As part of the Yelloh Village, a renowned group of campsites spread across France and Spain, which Turiscampo is the only representative in Portugal. Turiscampo is the only portuguese camping park member of the Leading Campsites of Europe, founded in 1949, a group which comprises 39 campsites from 11 countries from all Europe. Come join us and enjoy a magnificent dinner in our restaurant, or drink the best sangria in the Algarve and enjoy as well our famous cocktails.

The restaurant is open all year.